Try on virtual frames before you buy

You have to have an iPad 2 or higher for this app but has a new app that will put their frames on a virtual picture of you using your iPad. I’ve seen websites that allow you to upload your picture and then you can select a frame in their inventory and have it put on your uploaded picture. Those websites works fairly well but this app will do a 3D rotation of your picture so you can see how it looks from either side. The app will put 4 frames on you based on the criteria you select and then you play with the 3D model to see what it might look like on your face. You can push the frame down, lift the back up, change the frame color and then send the whole thing to someone else for them to comment.

Another interesting thing the app does it take a pupillary measurement. I talked about that in another post. So this app identifies your pupils and must somehow figure out the approximate measurement based on how they have you use you iPad in the mirror. I’m not sure about the accuracy and couldn’t find my measurement before I got to the purchase screen. Even when I selected a progressive lens I’m not sure how the app determined my seg height either. I’m guessing they’re going to ask for prescription information after the payment screen but that seems backwards unless they think they can close the sale on you better that way.

I have purchased glasses online before and just took a chance at a frame. I got one of the least expensive frames but in a drill mount and single vision. I think for the cheap price I was happy about it. In this app I think you can order frames before you buy (probably without lenses) so that makes it a lot easier to be sure you like the look and feel of what you might wear for the next few years. FWIW, I like Oakley frames. They are sturdy, stylish and popular. But they do put that O thing on there so you get to advertise for them.

If you end up trying and buying, let us know how this new fangled way of ordering online glasses worked out for you. A youtube video below shows you how this app works.