Sunglasses startup, do we need another brand?

It’s really interesting to see the things that startup companies and others are doing on websites like kickstarter and indiegogo. I just came across this startup on indiegogo looking to make sunglasses. They look pretty nice! Why, with all the easy places to buy sunglasses that are already made and are already good and cheap, would someone want to buy into sending an online company money so they can make a product that you can’t even try on or isn’t even available yet? And they aren’t the only indiegogo group trying to hawk sunglasses.

Because they are independent as far as I know. Why would I question independent? Well, I was born a skeptic, you never really know about some things. I don’t know how theses deals really work. But why did I want to tell you about this anyway? I used to carry Maui Jim sunglasses in my office. Some of them retailed over $200, maybe most of them. I have some really cheap ones I sell in my office right now. They are so bad. Honestly. I should give them away but I’m selling them for what I paid for them. These look like they have a good mix of options and you can even custom design them!

This indiegogo deal cost me $38 USD. I did buy a pair. The video suckered me in. The sunglasses seem like a good product idea. They say they are lifetime warranted. We all know what a business lifetime really means but the sunglasses are pretty inexpensive and being very flexible as they bend every which way and are polarized. I think they might last longer than some of my other ones. I don’t mind supporting an independent company. After all, I am an independent company myself. Why not help the upstarts?



The sunglasses came in a little more than a week ago (in November 2013) and they are very nice. This is my first try at and was a success as far as getting the product and the result. See the pictures of what these people created all by using crowd sourced money. Impressive!