We make things fit and the Carolina parakeet

We make things fit. I wanted to add the words our needs at the end of the previous sentence but I don’t know what “our needs” really means. How do you define needs nowadays? Is the internet a need? How can you extricate yourself from keeping up with all those artificial needs? Assuming you’re thinking like me right now. I’ve got too much stuff. I “need” too much.

Just sitting in my bedroom I look at the 4 walls. They are square, there are 4 corners and the dresser fits perfectly in the corner. The light switch is right by the door so I can turn the lights on as I enter or leave the room. It’s a natural design. That seems right.

What we create fits or fills some need. The chair, the step size, the spaces are measured and calculated. My refrigerator has 2 doors on the top and a pull out shelf like the shelves in my cabinets. It’s convenience. Must be my needs that caused that.

There are cup holders in the car and wipers that swipe clean my windshield at the right rate, trying to match nature’s pattern of spitting on me or at least the pattern of speed I’ve chosen to go. What do we really have that matches nature though? We generally try to conquer it. Maybe even beat it.

Will we win?

Modern man, the kind that goes back a hundred thousand years or so, has been here 0.0001 per cent of earth’s history. We have created a lot of needs in a short period of time. How do we measure ourselves compared to what was before us? Do we measure us against nature or against ourselves or to the time just a few years before? Anything in the win category there?

I just read something about our needs of hunting and collecting that astounded me. Apparently the United States was home to a native parakeet until 1918. A famous man (Charles Willson Peale) said this about his hunting them, “at each successive discharge, though showers of them fell, yet the affection of the survivors seemed rather to increase; for, after a few circuits around the place, they alighted near me, looking down on their slaughtered companions with such manifest symptoms of sympathy and concern, as entirely disarmed me.” Nature doesn’t know who we are does it?

Apparently the last Carolina parakeet died in a Cincinnati zoo and was stuffed and then lost. We used to have a rare native parrot in the United States (the Carolina parakeet was a type of parrot). We hunted and collected and then threw the last one away….for our needs. Farmers didn’t like this “pest” I read.

I must be brainwashed because I find it hard to put need in front or in place of want. I so want to walk to work instead of driving but I need to drive 30+ minutes to get there. I wish I could use old instruments in my office that work just fine but what are my patient’s “needs?” They will decide how I fair in business. The patients want to see “modern”, I think. All I need is another lease for another piece of fancy equipment. Sure, I need it.

Just thinking out loud.

stuffed Carolina parakeet

stuffed Carolina parakeet
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