Find vision and eye websites on Stumbleupon and more!

I used to use a long time ago when I wanted to see different websites. I could go from one interesting site to another with a simple click. I’d mostly forgotten about the service until I started this blog and now I’m stumbleuponing a lot of things. I’d like to show you what’s there but I thought that maybe you might just try it yourself. I believe you have to have an account but it’s no big deal to sign up. Once you give them what they want, you will be amazed what you might find. It’s mind-numbing what lurks on the internet.

I just gotta give you one example and then you can go try yourself. I just can’t say how cool things are that people put on the internet. After you watch this video (click the picture to see video), there’s gotta be someone at Starbucks trying to figure out how to get this to happen to your grande caffe mocha, no sugar, no whipped cream, extra dry, with half skim, half full milk with drawing on top (alright, the video says to use soap, not good for coffee).



try this with just milk, food coloring and soap

try this simple experiment with just milk, food coloring & soap

 and if you want to stumble onto a couple of things about milk, food coloring and soap just click on those words. I found a couple of interesting websites about them.