Out of the blue

I tried to figure out who first thought of that phrase. Doesn’t matter though. But my whole blog has to do with it. I am not the first to find any of these things out obviously. I’m only making simple observations that all of a sudden are striking me as extremely profound (not my observations but the things I’m learning). As a matter of fact, many of these things I’m learning about were discovered hundreds of years ago. I’m so far behind!

How many times do you realize the world is boundlessly complex? And how do we deal with that thought? We like our familiar and comfortable and only rarely leave that nest that’s cozy and warm and protective. Here’s an out of the blue observation. You remember those high school girls and 1 guy in New York that all of a sudden developed tics of some sort?  Apparently everyone has practically recovered from that except one person and it wasn’t due to a chemical spill 40 years before in the area. It was a conversion disorder. Those kids had a reaction to something very unfamiliar to them and their response was psychosomatic. Kinda sad that that was the reaction and the hysteria that surrounded the whole affair.

Here’s another reaction to something profound. It’s called Stendahl Syndrome. A person could be “exposed” to a  particularly beautiful piece of art and then become dizzy or faint. I think I know the feeling.  It’s not really art but it’s a lot of things for me. It’s music, it’s someone’s writing, it’s a thought or a discovery of something new to me. What is my response? It’s this blog. It’s blog syndrome?

I think we all know about Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. What you might not know is they held back their thoughts and writings until they were convinced that people could handle or needed to know the information. There was also the worry of persecution. But their revelations were out of the blue. Does anyone ever have the thought, “why didn’t I think of that?” What seems so logical but at the same time is just so ordinary that we don’t think about it, bothers me! Why do we not easily understand the things that make the world go ’round?

I bought a microscope. Yes, whoop de do. But when is the last time you looked at a paramecium or anything else in your own backyard that you just take for granted? Get back to me if you found out something new, would ya please? And hopefully you won’t develop some syndrome like me 🙂 Or, hopefully you will 🙂


Finally, a lot of blue back in Colorado today (not all of it sky)….

Colorado blue skies

Colorado blue skies


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