August first for kids?

Today is that day when I realize the three months I consider summer are coming to an end. It’s the last month of the traditional summer for us. When I was a kid there were summers where I wished for school to hurry up and then there were summers when I would hate seeing back to school ads in the newspaper. That only meant one thing, school is around the corner, bummer! So many things to look forward to and so many things to not!

August is also the equivalent to February in the Southern Hemisphere so I decided to look up what the weather is like in South America. There’s a┬ácity I just saw on a map named Cochabamba. What a great name for a city. I think. It’s two hours later there and not much cooler than Denver, at least today. It’s 62 F here at 7:34 am and 56 F there at 9:34 am. I wonder if the kids are looking forward to the end of their school year thinking that this month for them is the last month of cold weather and spring is around the corner?

That must be interesting to ride on in Cochabamba!